We are channel partners with Nominet, the UK’s domain authority, as such we are empowered to register, manage and renew domains under the .uk top level domain name space on behalf of our clients.


When you use our services to register or renew a .uk domain you have to agree to Nominet’s terms and conditions which can be found on the following page on Nominet’s website:


If you wish to register a .uk domain name with us, independent of any other services, we currently charge £10 for the first two years. Renewals are also £10 for an additional two years. You can use the contact uspage to let us know you wish to register or renew a domain name.

If you wish to transfer your domain from us to another registrar, we make no charge for this service, provided that your domain is within it’s valid registration period and you have paid any outstanding renewal or registration fees for the domain.

We will automatically invoice you for domains that are approaching their renewal date two months in advance of the renewal date to give you plenty of time to confirm that you wish to renew your domain. If you haven’t contacted us within one month of your domain’s renewal date we will attempt to contact you using the contact details you provided to ascertain whether or not you wish to renew. if you have not paid the renewal invoice by the date your domain expires, we will allow the domain to expire and it will not be renewed.