New Digital Only Broadband Line – Residential Pricing


Description Term Setup Monthly
SOGEA 40/10 1 month £110 £35
SOGEA 80/20 1 month £110 £36
SOGEA 40/10 12 months £0 £34
SOGEA 80/20 12 months £0 £35
SOGEA 40/10 18 months £0 £33
SOGEA 80/20 18 months £0 £34
FTTP 115/20 12 months £0 £39
FTTP 160/30 12 months £0 £41
FTTP 220/30 12 months £0 £43
FTTP 330/50 12 months £0 £45
FTTP 550/75* 12 months £0 £54
FTTP 1,000/115* 12 months £0 £59
* The FTTP 550 and 1,000 product requires an enhanced router, we recommend the Technicolor DGA4134, if you are planning on using your own router, please check it is compatible first.


Technicolor DGA0122

£115 (Buy)
+£ 9.60/m (12 months)
+£ 6.40/m (18 months)

Technicolor DGA4134

£156 (Buy)
+£13.00/m (12 months)
+£ 8.70/m (18 months)

Note: For all broadband products you will need a router. You are welcome to use your own router, but please check it is compatible first. If you buy a router from us you can buy it outright, or spread the cost over your contract term at the above prices.


No visit WLR to SOGEA


No visit SOGEA to SOGEA


Standard SOGEA


Premium SOGEA


No visit FTTP (migration)


Standard FTTP (new connection)


Premium FTTP (new connection)


Care Level

72 working hours


48 working hours

+£ 2.00/m

24 clock hours


8 clock hours



SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a “digital only” service:

  • This provides broadband internet but no telephone service by default.
  • If you want a telephone service as well, we can provide that for you, please see our Telephone Services page.

Prices include VAT.

The default install does not include a router:

  • You may use your own router (please check with us that it is compatible first),
  • or order a pre-configured router from us:
  • the router becomes your property at the end of the minimum period.

The “No visit” SOGEA install is only possible if you already have a line into your property:

  • The free install is for converting an old style analogue (WLR) telephone line to digital only.
  • If you are moving an existing digital only line to us the “no visit” SOGEA to SOGEA fee will be charged.

The “Standard” SOGEA install involves an engineer visiting your premises, they will carry out the following:

  • Replace Openreach faceplate with the latest version (if required).
  • Check wiring is up to standard.
  • Connect your router to the service.
  • Connect one of your devices to your router (e.g. set-top box, PC, laptopn, smartphone).
  • Show you the speed achieved on the engineer’s test device.

The “Premium” SOGEA install involes and engineer visiting your premises, they will carry out the following:

  • All the tasks included in the “Standard” install listed above.
  • Enhance the environment, e.g. reposition router for best performance.
  • Carry out WiFi analysis in up to three rooms.
  • Remove powerline adapters (as agreed with customer).
  • Add up to two data extension kits.
  • Connect up to two devices (fixed or WiFi) and demonstrate.
  • Reconnect customer set top boxes.
  • If required, add VRI (Voice Reinjection faceplace), reconnect extensions and prove working at up to 3 extensions.

If you are ordering a completely new line, the only install options available to you are the Standard and Premium.

If you move away from us:

  • after your minimum period is up, there is no termination fee.
  • before your minimum period is up, you will have to pay the rental due for the remainder of the term.