VoIP-25 With 2,500 inclusive UK minutes each month.



Our top-range residential VoIP service with 2,500 inclusive UK minutes each month. Perfect for anyone that likes to talk! You get a huge 2,500 minutes (Over 40 hours) of calls each month to UK 01, 02, 03 and UK mobiles (O2, EE, Three & Vodafone).

This service is a monthly subscription, however we do not tie our customers in to lengthy contracts, we prefer you remain a customer because you like our services. You may change or cancel this service by giving us one full months notice. You can pay by Direct Debit (please ask us for details), Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or BACS/Online banking.

You also get a host of useful features as standard:

  • 2,500 inclusive UK minutes
  • None inclusive UK minutes only 2ppm
  • International calls from 3ppm
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Unlimited free calls to other VoIP users on our platform
  • Unlimited Freephone calls (e.g. 0800 numbers)
  • Your own UK 01 or 02 number allocated
  • Call forwarding on busy
  • Call forwarding on no answer
  • Call filtering (Blacklist or Whitelist)
  • Voicemail
  • Withhold number
  • Speaking clock
  • What’s my number

Note: Prices are exclusive of VAT which is charged at the prevailing rate.

All our residential packages are supplied with one UK 01 or 02 number (you can choose from those available). You can only make one call at a time (only one device will be allowed to register with our system). We will provide you with authentication details if you want to use your own soft phone client or your own VoIP handset, e.g. BYOD (Bring your Own Device). However we do not offer support if you are using you own device. We do sell or rent phones, for which we provide full support. We do not offer unlimited call packages as these are not practical – most companies offering “unlimited” call packages will have small print that limits calls with a “fair use policy” to around 2,000 minutes each month. We would rather be up front and give you the full details rather than call it unlimited then restrict it in the small print. UK mobiles are O2, EE, Three and Vodafone, this includes their resellers (e.g. GiffGaff use O2). Any other mobile operators are not inclusive. Residential accounts are invoiced to a named individual.