VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It includes the transmission of voice and multimedia content over a broadband internet connection which allows the users to make voice calls from a computer, smartphone, other mobile devices, special VoIP phones, and WebRTC browsers. People enjoy using VoIP services over traditional phone lines.

VoIP is a proven technology that is useful for both consumers and businesses, as it includes other features such as call recording, custom caller ID, or voicemail to email that can’t be found on common phone services. Simply, VoIP is a way to unify the communications of the organisations. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to handle an unlimited number of calls. These digital phones use high-speed l internet connections to establish connectivity.

VoIP converts phone calls into data and is sent over the internet. VoIP services providers offer lower rates than traditional phone companies, so most people use VoIP in addition to their traditional phone services. There are two major reasons to use VoIP which includes;

  • cLower cost
  • Increased functionality

The need for local phone service is reduced day by day due to the strong internet connection. VoIP services deliver more established calls via routing of outgoing and incoming calls using existing telephone networks. Many businesses now rely on specialised hardware for quality phone services.

A trusted VoIP services provider can handle everything for the organisation. It bypasses the telephone company entirely as the phone connects to the switch or router to the Local Area Network (LAN). So when you dial a phone number, your IP phone tells the VoIP service provider to call the other party. Then the VoIP service provider established the call and exchanged data packets from the IP phone. VoIP converts digital signals back into the hearable sound.

Organisations can use VoIP if they have a broadband internet connection.

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