Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration is a new recognised way of reserving a name on the internet for a certain period, usually one year. But it is important to know that this Domain Name Registration will remain yours for as long as you renew it again.

Domain Name Registration is an online address that is imperative for a website, an email, or another web service. Because Domain names are ‘Alphanumeric Aliases’ which are used to access websites. It gives personality and recognised identity. As once you register a domain name, the information about its owner is publicly available. Also, Domain Name Registration makes it easier to access websites without memorising and entering numeric IP addresses.

As IP addresses are hard to remember and type correctly. So the domain name, a word-based format, is much easier for users to handle.

We .uk Domain Name Registration, are channel partners with Nominet, the UK’s domain authority and we are empowered to register, manage and renew domains under the .uk top-level domain name space on the behalf of our patron. We operate a cloud service, both for our in-house services as well as providing our clients with internet services which enables us to quickly provision new services and helps maintain our high availability by replicating all our services on multiple platforms. It means we can provide zero downtime during maintenance and upgrades as we simply migrate the services off one physical server onto another while we carry out the maintenance.

We, .uk have been in the ISP business for over 30 years and pride ourselves on providing friendly, easily approachable yet professional services to our patrons, whether we are designing a basic website for a local school, or providing programming services to multi-million cooperation.

If you need a Domain Name Registration give us a call at .uk for our brand new services at a very competitive price. We throw in DNS (name server) hosting free of charge to our clients whenever they register a domain name for themselves. We are members of Nominet but we can also register in the .uk namespace and the “standard” names ( .com, net .org) and any of the cTLD’s.

Striking features

Unique and searchable

.uk design such Domain Name Registration that is unique and easy to search. Our efficient team works hard to design such a extension that communicates our clients’ purpose and identity. Moreover, our Domain Name Registration is easy to memorise.


Hosting your content on a third-party blogging or any other social media platform can seem unprofessional or may undermine your efforts to build an identity. As these platforms are for informal sharing. That’s why your own Domain Name Registration can let potential customers and clients know very well that you’re a legitimate business with long-term plans.

Control on your Domain Name Registration

We design such professional domains that give you control over your online identity and also the content you post. We understand the need for your own Domain Name Registration because it is a must-have for building confidence in your business.