Copper data cabling

Copper data cabling refers to the copper ethernet data cabling that interconnects servers to form the communication network. Copper data cabling forms the backbone of the network and is constructed in such a way to either carry voice or data.

Copper data cabling is categorised into various categories including cable’s performance, whether it is shielded, and its maximum speed at 100 metres. Although there have been major improvements made in wireless technology over the past few years, most of the office networks still rely on copper data cabling.

In the early days of networking, coaxial cables were used which were bulky and stiff and leading to difficulties with installations so they were replaced by twisted-pair cables. The twisted-pair cables are far thinner and flexible. They can also be used for other functions besides networking such as telephone connections.

Copper data cabling is permanently installed in the building like the electrical wiring, it is designed to be generic to support a wide range of applications. The most widely adopted application is Ethernet. For network infrastructure, copper data cabling is a very solid foundation. As it is a cost-effective and reliable solution that allows you to benefit from high speeds and durability.

There are different types of copper data cabling with different categories including Cat5 cable, Cat6 cable, and Cat7 cable being suitable for different applications, speeds, and quality.

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